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Jessi Mann MS, LMHCA

I have experience working with a variety of populations in both community and private practice settings. My passion lies in working with: complex trauma, mood disorders, and complicated grief/bereavement. I also have clinical experience working with: adjustment disorders, self-harm, suicidal ideation, attachment-related concerns, life transitions, and spirituality. EMDR trained.

My Story

I hold a Master's Degree from the University of Saint Francis in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. I approach counseling from a client-centered and holistic perspective. I have also found therapist-client collaboration to be essential for positive treatment outcomes. This means that active participation plays a critical role in penning a healthier, brighter future.

I understand that it can take a lot of courage to schedule your first counseling session. The process of therapy often involves vulnerability. This might feel quite intimidating if you lacked a safe space to process your feelings in the past. However, beyond the field of intimidation lies a place of personal empowerment through the therapeutic process.


Unprocessed trauma can often leave us feeling paralyzed in a suffocating shadow of our past. Every room in our head might appear dark and without direction. We may even begin to develop distorted perceptions of ourselves and the world around us; which can lead to a lack of clarity and inner peace. My passion is to provide a gentle and empathic presence to begin to shed light on the areas you feel stuck within. Together, we can work towards reprocessing these wounds and bringing subconscious beliefs to light; so that you can begin to dwell more richly in the present moment. There is resiliency and hope which can be born from the adversity we have overcome! All parts of your mosaic soul are welcome here.


In my free time I enjoy: being outdoors, weight lifting, rollerblading, playing with my three backtalking Siberian Huskies, and watching classic film.  

I currently have openings for new clients.  Please email me directly with any questions.


(260) 203-4996 

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