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Ryan Curless
LENS Technician, HeartMath Provider, Reiki Master

I believe all healing is self-healing: I am simply a conduit for the energy that is used to grow.

My Story

Energy work has been my passion for many years. I initially got my Reiki Level 3 certification in 2012, but my education didn’t stop there. I’ve taken many more classes since, including full certification in Usui Holy Fire Reiki, courses in shamanism, and various other energy work techniques. I began my healing journey working with animals of all shapes and sizes, what a joy it was! Though I still love working with all four legged friends I am excited to be helping my fellow humans along their healing journeys. 

LENS is the most recent addition to my energy work repertoire, as I am now a fully certified technician. While it is a different type of energy, it’s a lot of fun to watch where the two modalities overlap.

My MBTI is INFJ and my Enneagram is 5 (Investigator). With free time I enjoy reading, writing, studying spiritual modalities and philosophies, and keeping up on dog training techniques.

I am currently accepting new clients for LENS and Reiki.  Please email me directly to schedule.


To see my availability and schedule an appointment for LENS or Reiki please click here to be redirected to the Isch Wellness Center Services page. 


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