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Reconnect, Process, and Release with EMDR 

EMDR is a very powerful treatment tool and is now a comprehensive theory of psychotherapy. It stands for Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing. The theory is based on the Adaptive Information Processing (AIP) model that states the brain processes memories every day, taking them to resolution and learning from them. However, in the case of trauma, the AIP system does not work properly and the disturbing memory is stored dysfunctionally in the neural networks in the brain. EMDR allows us to access those disturbing memories and let the AIP system in the brain finish processing the memories, which can lead to permanent healing.

Clients can expect to spend time completing various assessments to determine suitability and readiness for EMDR. We spend time building coping mechanisms and resources to be able to cope with any disturbance that may come up during treatment. A full trauma history is taken and specific targets to re-process are identified. These target memories are then reprocessed which allows the disturbing characteristics of traumatic memories to be resolved and new, healthier beliefs about the self can be installed. EMDR focuses on the past memories, current triggers, and future scenarios.


EMDR has been thoroughly researched for the treatment of PTSD and has repeatedly been shown to be very effective. Research on the utility of EMDR for the treatment of other mental health disorders is ongoing, but looks very promising.

EMDR is now being utilized in the treatment of:






Relationship problems

Complicated Grief

Sleep Problems

Low self-esteem


Excessive Anger


Compulsive Eating and Eating Disorders

Sexual Abuse

Physical Abuse

Emotional or Psychological Abuse


Panic Attacks

Separation Anxiety


For more comprehensive information about EMDR:


You can also watch EMDR being used to treat a number of issues on

Sample Session:

20/20 Report on EMDR:


Resources for EMDR clients:

Safe Space Exercise – with Butterfly Hug

Light Stream Technique –

EMDR meditation – paper boats –

Letting Go of Stress (Emmett Miller, M.D, 1998) – digital download available for purchase on

Container and Imagery Audio Downloads – available for purchase at

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