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We stack and blend a unique customized combination of treatment modalities in order to treat the whole person. 

We operate from a body, mind, and soul perspective. We believe that the body wants to heal and knows exactly how to do so. If given the proper tools and assistance, the body can communicate its very specific needs. When the body, the mind, and the soul are all working in cohesion we achieve true whole wellness. 


Get the most out of your treatment by stacking it with other modalities. 

We work alongside other professionals outside of Isch Counseling Services LLC. and Isch Wellness Center to help you create a customized treatment path that is more effective and lasts longer. We have found there is a processing window of about 2 days (varies by person) that enhances the effectiveness of any other modality received within this timeframe. For example, if you are currently receiving massage outside of our office we may suggest booking your counseling session within that two day window following your massage. This works especially well if you suffer from anxiety or find yourself taking up most of your session time just trying to calm down and relax. For best results, share with your practitioner the forms of treatment you are currently receiving and ask which modalities they would suggest stacking closer together.  

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