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If you are considering entering therapy for the first time, it is completely normal to have some fears about starting the process.  It takes a lot of courage and bravery to enter therapy.  We believe the healing journey begins when the first email is sent to start treatment.  It is the crucial step in moving from contemplation to taking action.  Below are some frequently asked questions.

What is the process of setting up the first appointment like?

To schedule an appointment with one of our practitioners please email In your email, please indicate what type of counseling you are looking for (individual or couples), a brief statement of why you are seeking counseling (so we can be sure that our practitioners will be a good fit with their training and background), and your insurance information (please attach a copy of the front and back of your insurance card) or if you are self-pay.  Please call your insurance company to verify your mental health coverage prior to your first appointment to see if you have a co-pay or if your payment will go towards your deductible.  We are in-network with the following companies:

  • 3 Rivers Preferred

  • Anthem

  • BlueCross and BlueShield

  • Lutheran Preferred

  • Magellan

  • MultiPlan

  • Optum

  • Parkview Signature Care

  • PHP

  • Sagamore

  • UnitedHealthcare


If you have an insurance company we are not in-network with, payment will be required at the time of service, and we can provide you with a superbill for you to file with your insurance company.

We can then get you scheduled through Simple Practice.  Please note that sometimes schedules are full so it may take a few weeks or more to get the initial appointment, but we will always try to help you as soon as possible.  If we are full, we do offer waiting lists if you are interested.

What can I expect when I show up for my first appointment?

We utilize a program called SimplePractice to handle all of your paperwork digitally.  Prior to your first appointment, we will send an email to you through SimplePractice with a simple and quick way to fill out your intake documents. You will need to bring your insurance card, identification, and method of payment to your appointment.  Your first appointment will be 60 minutes.  For individuals, this appointment is very different than subsequent appointments in that this appointment is primarily you telling your story, providing a history and background information, (for couples, see Greg's Couples page to read his approach with couples).  Our Practitioners want to know what brings you in to therapy, what you expect in this process, and what you hope to get out of therapy.  They will ask questions about your family situation growing up, medication use, current symptoms and symptom history, past relationship history, and trauma history.  Feel free to compile some of this information and bring it to the first session if you would like.  They will take notes during this session.  Sometimes, they don't have enough time to cover all of this in one session, so they may continue this process into the second session.

What is your policy on insurance billing and making payments?

Our policy is for you to pay for services at the time of your appointment.  So, we will collect a co-pay or whatever amount your insurance company informs us we should collect.  We accept cash, check, debit card, credit card, or HSA card. 

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