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Reorganize and Rewire with LENS

Low Energy Neurofeedback System (LENS) is a form of neurofeedback that utilizes a micro-current neurofeedback signal. LENS treatment uses sensors to measure brainwave activity, and these sensors then deliver a micro-current neurofeedback signal that mimics brainwave frequencies. LENS technology allows us to target different areas of the brain to encourage the brain to reorganize/rewire itself and utilize more optimal brainwave activity. This is similar to rebooting your computer to help it run more smoothly and efficiently.









The LENS neurofeedback signal is painless and noninvasive. In fact, our cell phones emit electromagnetic signals over 1,000 times stronger than the micro-current neurofeedback signal used in LENS treatment. The difference is that the LENS analyzes our natural brainwaves and delivers a targeted electrical frequency back into the brain. Sessions typically involve sending approximately three rounds of signals lasting a few seconds each to each site, eventually increasing to 1-2 minutes depending on need. These short micro-current neurofeedback signals serve to “jumpstart” different areas of the brain and remind it to utilize more optimal brainwave patterns.


The number of sites targeted in each session will vary depending on the client’s presenting issue, client’s sensitivity, client’s reactivity, and the outcome of the previous session. For highly sensitive clients, the sensors are actually placed on the body because placing the sensors on the head can result in over-treatment (temporarily tired, wired, or increased anxiety).

In the first session we will look at your sensitivity, reactivity, and anxiety ratings to determine plan that is catered to you. In the first head LENS session we will not run more than 6 sites at a time to avoid over-treatment. If you are highly discerning then we may only run a BodyLENS session instead and work our way to a head LENS session. The first sessions may only need to be a few seconds in length. This is to avoid over-treatment. As your nervous system adjusts to LENS we may be able to move to head LENS in later sessions.


It may help with many Central Nervous system problems such as cognition, mood, motor function, motivation, reactivity, anxiety, brain-generated pain, addiction, fatigue, and performance optimization.

Cost: $75/session. Total session length varies between 20-45 minutes. The number of sessions suggested varies based on treatment goals, prior conditions, and sensitivity levels. Average recommended introductory frequency is 3-6 sessions booked weekly and following other treatment modalities in a stack within the 2 day processing window. LENS is highly recommended as a back-to-back session immediately following counseling or EMDR.

***Here is the questionnaire to fill out before your first appointment:


The questionnaire is important to fill out so we know what program to run for the session. It is crucial to remember the password that you used as we use that to connect the information to our LENS system.


Please fill out these questionnaires honestly, carefully, and to your best ability. Do not forget to press finished when you are done and not just the save button, otherwise the questionnaires will not be submitted for us to see. After each session we ask that you visit the portal no longer than 48 hours after your session to help track improvement.

Below are some resources you can use for more information…


This website provides information on what neurofeedback is, what LENS is, what LENS is used for and session details. We went through the training through this organization.

If you would like to read about the side effects of neurofeedback please check out this website. Some side effects are caused by over-treatment or the lifting of suppression in the brain. LENS is essentially harmless as it is low-energy compared to the standard neurofeedback.

Here is a website explaining what LENS is, the benefits of LENS, who benefits from LENS, and what to expect when receiving LENS. They also provide testimonials from clients.,session%2C%20and%20are%20long%20lasting.

For More Resources, head over to our FAQ page

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