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Fears and Questions about Starting Therapy

If you are considering entering therapy for the first time, it is completely normal to have some fears about starting the process. It takes a lot of courage and bravery to enter therapy. Lots of questions can come to mind (which I’ve heard many times), and I’ve written a brief response to each:

What if the therapist isn’t a good fit?

This definitely happens. Sometimes there is a personality difference, sometimes the therapist uses theories and techniques that the client doesn’t really buy into. I think therapy is extremely valuable, and I think it’s worth the effort in finding a therapist that is a great match for you. Ask questions about the therapist’s approach, research to see what kind of therapy you might be interested in, fire your therapist if it’s not a good fit. I recently started offering free phone consultations to help potential clients figure out if they think I would be a good fit, but not every therapist does, and even if they don’t, that doesn’t mean you should stay away from them.

How long will this therapy process take? I’m not looking to spend the time or money on months or years of therapy.

I’m concerned that my therapist will judge me for my past or what I’m currently struggling with.

If you have questions I haven’t addressed, please leave a reply below, I’m sure someone else probably has the same question.

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Addicted XD
Addicted XD
07 juin 2022

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